European Wholesale Securities Market (EWSM)

The European Wholesale Securities Market (EWSM) is a new EU ‘regulated market’ for wholesale debt securities dedicated to the needs of arrangers and issuers of wholesale debt products.

EWSM delivers service excellence to international market participants – process efficiency, a price promise and a highly professional regulatory regime.

Combining the strengths of two reputable European exchanges, the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) and the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE), into one truly European market, EWSM is designed to meet international debt issuer requirements.

EWSM admits the following to listing:

  • Asset Back Securities
  • Debt Securities
  • Derivative Securities

The EWSM is a 'regulated market' as defined in Article 4(1), point 14, of MiFID. The EWSM is authorised and regulated by the MFSA and has established:

  • Admission Requirements and Disclosure Standards which apply to issuers with, and seeking to have, their securities admitted to trading on the EWSM;


  • Code of Conduct for members and Bye-Laws for the EWSM which apply to member firms and trading on EWSM.

Why Listing


EWSM, a partnership between Irish and Malta Stock Exchanges is recognised as one of the leading stock exchanges in the world for debt security listings and continuously adapts to the ever-changing debt markets. EWSM has built a strong reputation as an approachable, responsive and adaptable exchange.

Valuable Marketing Tool

A listing on the ESWM facilitates the sale and distribution of securities to investors who are otherwise precluded from investing in unlisted securities, whether for regulatory or other reasons eg institutional investors, pension funds, …

Tax Advantage

One of the primary reasons debt issuers seek to list on the EWSM is to avail of the tax benefits provided to debt securities that are listed on an EU recognised stock exchange.


Private Value Asset Management

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In a world dominated by aggressive requests of transparency and disclosure, we understand the value of preserving our clientele’s private life and business, while maintaining a firm approach toward compliance and due diligence.

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